[VIDEO] Wildwood Heritage Glen 26BHK Travel Trailer

Check out our recent walkthrough of a 2018 Wildwood Heritage Glen 26BHK Travel Trailer with our Wildwood Factory Rep!

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[Jay] Hey everybody this is Jay with RVWholesalers and I just wanted to do another facebook live video to showcase one of our trailers. Once again I wanted to bring one that’s an extra special deal. Today we’re gonna be looking at a heritage glen hyper-lite 26bhk. This is a nice little bunkhouse, it’ll be good for a small family that just wants to get into camping, maybe you haven’t done it before, this is the perfect kind of trailer to get started with. It’s gonna have a lot of great features and it’s build by a great company: a Forest River product by wildwood heritage glen line this is the hyper-lite series. So the nice thing about the hyper-lite is you get a little bit bigger trailer and you’ll still be able to pull it with your 1/2 ton. So this is in the 5-6000 range on weight so your 1/2 tons are gonna have no trouble pulling this unit.

Now, one of the things I mentioned: this is a unit we have a special deal on; so typically the price on this unit in 27178, but because of a special that we’re running right now, along with our finance discount i can actually do it for 22838, so a really great deal; almost a full 4500 less than it would be, a really great deal here.

So, lets get started taking a look at the heritage glen hyper-lite. It has an all aluminum frame construction, that’s typically something you aren’t going to find at this price point. Typically you’re going to have a wood frame with an aluminum siding construction. There’s a lot of advantages to having the aluminum frame with the fiberglass gellcoat siding that i want to touch on real quick. The aluminum frame obviously is going to be bolted together, it’s going to hold together better when you’re going down the road, so all the bumps you feel going down the road at 70 MPH, it’s not going to loosen up like a wood frame will, naturally speaking. The other thing is that it’s going to be lighter, that’s what allows you to have a 1/2 ton towable trailer at this price point. The other thing that I wanted to mention they really don’t take a lot away when they move down from a regular heritage glen, they still have a lot of the same features that you have at the higher level, you’re just getting a lighter trailer and something that’s going to be a little less expensive and like I said you can pull it with your smaller truck.

Now, let’s take a look at the inside here. We do have, this one of the things I wanted to point out, you got a trifold sofa here. Typically, when you go to this price point you’re going to have a jackknife sofa, now the nice thing about the trifold, once you move the pillows out of the way. As opposed to a jackknife the jackknife is basically just going to flatten out, it’s not going to be very wide, and you would sleep in this direction. With the trifold, you’ve got to pull it out this way, it’s got a couple little pieces here you fold down and it lays out this direction. You’ve got a spot for two people, two full-grown adults could sleep on this now, so it really gives you more sleeping spaces. I’ll just put this back real quick; It just shows you how easy it is to work with, just like that, you’re back where you started, so, gives you a spot for two people there. This unit, it’s got the two bunks in the back, they’re double-size bunks, so you could even fit a couple there and then another one down below, so 1-2-3-4, then you got the trifold so that’s another 2, and then here on the dinette, this also turns into a sleeping area if you want to, and then you’ve got the bedroom in the front. Really nice bedroom setup for a trailer this size, i mean, the more i look at it the more i’m seeing stuff you just don’t get on the other trailers. Very nice matress. You’ve got this whole chest of drawers built into the side, with full drawers, i mean these are the size you’d have in your house, so plenty of places to put clothing, you’ve got a wardrobe to hang up things. Cabinets up top, plenty of lighting for reading, then you also have the drawers here along with a power outlet and a place to put stuff, like a C-PAP machine or just whatever you need ritht next to you while you’re sleeping, really nice setup. Typically, most trailers at this price point you’re going to see maybe half of the stuff that i’m showing you in here. Really nice shades with a nice curtain treatment, so yeah they really go all out. It’s ducted A/C back in here so the A/C is coming up through the ceiling there. There’s a place up front here on the front wall to put your TV, hookups and TV backer, so you’re all set up there.

Now if you look at the kitchen here, it has a nice real residential feel to it with the glass inserts in the cabinets, very large cabinet space, goes way back in both directions, so, lot of space. This faucet here this is a similar faucet to what you’ll see in some higher-end trailers, nice big farmer’s sink so you can put big pots and pans in there. Microwave, range top and oven, so, nice setup. You’ve got your standard dometic RV fridge and freezer, this a gas and electric setup, so when you’re not hooked up to electric it’s going to pull off the LP tanks. Over here we have our entertainment center, so you can put your TV in there and once again, good storage underneath for you know, DVDs or whatever you need for your entertainment setup. All your controllers, your radio, bluetooth compatible so you can actually stream from your phone; you can send sound inside, outside or both. Now here’s a really cool feature of this unit, I don’t know if you can see it, let be turn the light on here; A full pantry with three shelves, lots of space, you can put all kinds of food, all kinds of things in there, so it’s just a huge storage area there that you’re not going to get on most of your floorplans. It comes with the ladder already build in so you don’t have to worry about that falling off or getting lost or anything.

And then the bathroom, nice big bathroom because of the way this is laid out, gives you a little bit more space to walk around in; has the tub surround so you’re not getting your walls wet when you’re taking a shower; you’ve got a big skylight in the shower for the taller people, and another vent, so a lot of light coming in here in the bathroom. Makes it really nice. Got a full medicine cabinet in the corner and then more storage underneath the sink.

If you guys have any questions please just ask them in the comments below, I can answer them when i get done making the video, and i’ll try to get back to everybody as soon as i can. We’re going to go to the outside next but also i want to mention my contact information is in the description of the video that we’re doing right here; if you want to call me afterwards i’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the unit and go more in-depth into pricing and how our financing works or any questions you have about us. We’re the only dealership in the country that has the nationwide service network that we actually built ourselves over the course of 20 years we have 2500 locations now and we have contacts at each of those locations and we have a full department dedicated to helping our customers out whenever they have an issue; they just call in, we do all the legwork for them, we’ll get you set up with an appointment, smooth everything out so you don’t have all the headaches and hassles that you typically have as an RV customer when you buy from other dealerships, they’re just not going to help you out the way that we typically do. That’s something we do absolutely free for all of our customers as long as they own the coach.

Let’s go outside now and take a look at the outside. We actually had snow last night believe it or not, april first fools joke, most of it’s already melted. Okay, a few things on the outside of it that are nice: got the power awning with the LED light strip, so at night it’s really nice you have a little ambient light coming down to help you see what you’re doing but not draw too much attention from the insects, you don’t want to do that. We do have outside speakers; a really cool place to mount a TV on the outside, and you have your hookups for everything here so you can hook that up as well. This is your hot water tank, you have access to it here if you need to. This is the drain for your fridge, if you’re wondering what that is. Now this is a unique setup, you’ve got your fridgeon this side, nice sized fridge, real deep, so you can keep all your drinks out here while you’re hanging out on the outside, which is what you want to do, and then the rest of your outside kitchen is down here, you’ve actually got a sink, and then you do have a storage drawer here, you can put a lot of items you might need for grilling and so forth because your grill is right here on the back bumper. You swing that around. There’s an LP connect, so you can hook your gas up to the grill no problem, fire it up, and you’re cooking and getting prepped and everything right here outside, everything you need; that’s nice.

Let’s go around the back, i want to show you a couple things. It does have the backup camera prep, so you can add a backup camera on an observation system. Spare tire. All your connections; Here’s your power connection, it’s a nice furion setup with the lock in place so your power cord isn’t getting knocked loose all the time and you always know it’s in the right position. It does have the windows on the side of the slide which is really nice because if you open those up from the inside you’re going to get that cross-ventilation, you might get away without running your A/C. Let’s take a look here; Nice big pass-through storage for all the things that are a bit longer and you might not be able to fit inside, but this thing has a ton of storage. Two 20 pound LP tanks, power tongue jack, which is not always standard on a trailer at this price point, that’s one less thing you have to worry about, don’t have to crank it.

So, overall, it’s a great trailer at a price point that pretty much anyone can afford. You’re gonna typically run this at a 12-year term or 144 months so you’re going to have pretty reasonable payments when i break it down for you. If you have any questions, like i said ask them in the comments below and i’ll get back to them and get back to you. If you want to call me, my number’s in the description; or e-mail me, my e-mail’s in the description as well. This is a really nice product, Forest river, great name brand, heritage glen, another line of theirs that’s very popular and very solid. And it’s a unit you can pull with a regular 1/2 ton.

Thanks for watching, give us a call anytime, no matter what you’re looking for we’ve got plenty of people willing to help out, look forward to hearing from you guys, take care.