[VIDEO] Wildwood 30KQBSS Travel Trailer

Check out our recent walkthrough of a 2018 Wildwood 30KQBSS Travel Trailer with our Wildwood Factory Rep!

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[Jay] Hey there everybody this is Jay with RVWholesalers, i just wanted to come with you today and present to you, kind of a special trailer. A lot of times people call in and they ask if we can do something a little extra special on the price. Being that we’re a wholesale dealer that’s kind of hard to do, because we’re already just above factory pricing, but i wanted to show you a trailer that we can do a little special deal on the price, get you a little extra off the price if you call in today. It’s one-of-a-kind on the lot, it’s one that we’re just trying to move, we’ve got a lot of inventory coming in, a lot going out, of course. We are always trying to keep our inventory fresh and relevant.

This one here is a wildwood 30kqbss; this is actually a really popular floorplan within the wildwood line. If you don’t know anything about the wildwood line, it’s one of out most popular travel trailer lines out there, do a lot of business with them. The reason is: they build a little bit of a better quality trailer and still stay at that price point that a lot of people and families want to me; and this would be a perfect floor plan for a family: lots of places for people to sleep, you’ve got the bedroom in the front, you’ve got the u-shaped dinette here in the living area, jackknife sofa, so the u-shaped you could actually sleep 2 on it if you needed to, and then in the back of this you’ve got a bunkhouse.

Just to start, a couple things about the wildwood that set it apart: they do use a tongue-in-groove flooring; you can’t see it, it’s under the beufloor linoleum, but that is something that is not typical of this price point, it’s actually typical to use a particleboard, and if you know anything about tongue-in-groove that’s solid wood, they glue it together, it fits together like a puzzle piece and it’s just going to be a lot more reliable for the long run. If you’re using particleboard or plywood, that’s obviously going to be a bit more susceptible to moisture and things like that. So that’s, right off the bat, a really important thing for a trailer that you’re going to want to have last for a while. Also, solid surface countertops; not always the norm on a trailer at this price point. As you can see here, it has the nice big farmer’s sink, the flex nozzle on the faucet there, which is a nice upgrade, you usually don’t see these until you get to trailers in the upper 20s, at least the way we price them. Stainless steel appliances you’ve got the nice, bigger, 10.7 cubic foot fridge; which is great, because, i don’t know, if you have lots of kids, of course, gotta feed those kids and there’s a lot of space for food. A couple of cool little features on this one, you’ve got this neat little cubby-hole under here, you’ve got a nice little place to hide stuff under here on the end of the countertop, then it just snaps right in there. Your drawers, they’re also put together very well, you’ve got the rollers there that you normally don’t have. You’ve got here your cabinet space, and nice little inserts here on the doors; they don’t have to do stuff like that and when they do it gives it a more modern feel. You do have the jackknife sofa. You do have windows on both sides of the slide; nice thing about that, you can open those up and get some cross-ventilation. And then the big u-shaped dinette, like i said before; you can lower this down, turn this into a sleeping area.

Then, if we head back this way, you do have some space here that can double for whatever you want maybe a pantry to put your food, or anything else. Then here in the bathroom, very nice setup, it’s got the nice big tub surround on the shower. Nice medicine cabinet, a place for your towel. But, yeah, good size, the curtain kinda bows out so you get a little bit more space, and then the skylight over the tub and another vent over top the bathroom, so lots of light coming in.

If we head back here to the bunkhouse, we have a bunk up here, a bunk up here, and then you can actually push this up out of the way. That’s going to let more light in when they’re using it, we’ve got this little- we call it a kiddie dinette- great place for kids to hang out, play games and so forth, or just sit and watch TV. You do have some more storage back here,and a place for the TV up here. Nice little separate area for the kids; there is a door, slides out, so that can give you some separation there.

Lets go ahead and head out- well lets go up to the bedroom first. You have a walkaround bed which is also nice, so it’s a nice long trailer. You’ve got power outlets on both sides of the bed, more space to hang up clothes, and there’s actually another cubbyhole up here, wherever they could put some storage space, they did. It is ducted and ventilated so you are getting A/C and heat back here.

So let’s head outside. If the audio doesn’t work as well out here i apologize. You have a nice power awning. This is one the things that sets apart the wildwood also. You’re gonna get power awning, power stabilizer jacks, you’re gonna get the LED lights. This does have a nice big outside kitchen. Another thing I wanted to show you: it actually comes with this remote control: no other brand has anything like this at this price point; you can control your stabilizer jacks, control your slide, control your awning, your lighting and so forth. Nice thing about this, if you’re going go a campsite and let’s say there are some trees around the site, and you want to go outside, you can actually put the slide out without worrying about if you’re hitting a tree or something, sometimes it’s hard to see from the inside; so you can go outside and use this to do it, and it just goes right here in the holster by the door.

Alright real quick we’ll take a look at the outside kitchen. Nice big fridge. Lots of storage area. Another drawer here for some utensils. Sink. And then underneath here you do have an LP connect, because on the bumper here, you’ve got your grill, swings around right where you’re hanging out. You’ve got everything you need to cook and put some foo on the grill.
Backup camera prep, spare tire. All your connectors back here; anoher kinda cool feature, the power cord goes inside so you don’t have to worry about lugging that around, it’s always right here when you need it, you can just pull it right out. It does come also with a power tongue jack; and i think this as got the 30 pound tanks on it. Really good size pass-through, so you can fit all kinds of stuff in there and you can get access to under your ben and there’s this little cubbyhole thing, you can use this to throw like dirty laundry down here if you wanted to.
So overall, the nice thing about this unit, the reason i’m showing it to you today is I can do a special deal on it, so, let me show you my contact information. If you’re looking for something for your family and you want to get out this year, this is a really good trailer to snap up while you still can and get a really good price on it. My information is right here, I’m Jay and you can reach me at extension 150 or email me at jgahm at rvwholesalers.com. So if you have any questions just leave them underneath the video and I’ll try to get back to you and answer anything I can. Alright, thanks guys.