[VIDEO] Landmark 365 Phoenix Live Walkthrough

Check out our recent walkthrough of a 2018 Landmark Phoenix Luxury Fifth Wheel with Joe Becraft, our Landmark Factory Rep!

[Kelly] Hey, this is Kelly with RVWholesalers; I’m here with our Landmark rep from Heartland, Joe.  Today we’re gonna do our first Facebook Live here today. If you tune in just give us a thumbs-up if you can hear us; that way we know and we appreciate any questions as well that you guys have; we’d love to answer those for you as Joe’s going through the coach and showing this Landmark to you.

This is the Phoenix, a very very beautiful coach, has a lot of benefits, a lot of features; and again, today we are running a huge sale until 10-11 o’clock tonight so we’re blowing out the inventory, bringing in fresh stuff. give us a call and again, we’d like to hear any questions or comments, we’ll answer any questions you have.

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We have a full sales team here working the phones and e-mails all day so definitely give us a call, we’d love to hear from you, and again our number’s 877-877-4494. I’m gonna turn it over to Joe Becraft here and he’s gonna take you through this Landmark.

[Joe] Alright, thanks Kelly. Thanks for joining us this morning on this beautiful 70 degree day in western Ohio… Nah, we got snow last night. So hey we’re gonna be going through the Landmark Phoenix today, it’s a new floorplan we came out with in the fall, this thing is gonna be a hot selling floorplan.

You’ll see a lot of the features as we go through, so, we’ll start up front here: single fiberglass cap, this is all painted, a full-body painted unit. We triple clearcoat it, buff it out. The paint job, when we get around to the side you’ll see it looks incredible but the front cap looks fantastic as well. This is a standard upgraded Mor-Ryde hitch on here, this is standard, so with your chucking and your swaying you get about a 1-1/2 to 2 inch play each way and it’s a rubberized system.

Up under the gooseneck we do generator prep standard for a 5500-watt generator and then next to that we’ve got a battery compartment with 2 12volt batteries that are dedicated to the inverter to run the residential refrigerator. So, continuing on around here you’ve got nice lighting up underneath here. This is your Level-Up system so as you back your coach in here and you wanna get the truck off you can just drop the fronts down and you can level off with the 6-point hydraulic auto leveling system. There is solar prep up here under the gooseneck as well, right here, so you can get a portable panel from RVWholesalers and direct your solar reception that way. you’ve got 2 30lb LP tanks that will auto switch over; the compartment is big enough for 40s so if we build a unit for you at the factory we can put in 40s, it’s a hidden option, or RVWholesalers can do that for you if they’ve got a unit here that you like they can upgrade those to 40pounders because the compartment is big enough.

So, massive, massive pass-through storage here on the Phoenix, but there’s more storage that we’re gonna see in a minute that you’ll be excited about. Your auto-leveling system here, you’ve also got a panel inside the main entry for your auto-leveling. this is your universal docking station, so all of your connections all in one spot here. We do have a water filtration system on this coach as well, so regardless of where you go, what system you plug into, you’re always gonna gave clean fresh water coming through here as well. so this is a 5 slide unit, all of your lower level slides, your bigger slides will be hydraulic as well, and then your upper levels, your smaller slides will either run on cabling or the geared system. So, as we continue back here, here’s a big surprise.

Look at all of this storage, two doors on the side, these are slam-latch baggage doors, if you look at the thickness of these doors these are well insulated so you’re not gonna get cold coming in through here, and again they are slam-latch all you gotta do is push em down it’ll latch-up.

You can get kayaks and some things through the side here. You’ve got a 50 amp power service on here with a power cord retract reel, just hit the button it’ll retract everything in by itself so you don’t have to get all dirty and huffy and puffy because you’re trying to pull that big power cord in. So, back-end storage as well this tray is standard, this tray will extend out, get all your good stuff in there, so imagine all of this storage and your front storage, you’re not gonna be wanting for storage capabilities on this coach, you’ve got plenty of storage inside the coach as well.

[Kelly] Dustin said ‘that’s a lot of storage.’ it sure is, and when you think about, a lot of times people take these down south or travel around for long periods of time and you can get all your goodies in there.

[Joe] Yeah.

[Kelly] I think that’s one of, kinda, the benefits of Landmark is you can stay in it for long periods of time and feel at home.

[Joe] Yeah this coach is built for full-time living, so even if you’re full-timing in it there is a full 2 year warranty on this product. Most manufacturers when they hear full-time warranties go out the window; We build it for full-time living.

There’s a 3 year structural on it as well and then you have all your components inside. So, look at the beautiful paint job on the outside; this is our black and copper, this is a new color for us this year, and again that’s triple clear coated and buffed out. So up underneath we use a, we don’t try to align with certain suppliers all the time, we don’t use Lippert for everything we don’t use Mor-Ryde or Patrick all the time; We try and use the best of the best.

So, up underneath here you’ve got a Dexter axle system with 8000-pound Dexter axles, you’ve got a Mor-Ryde upgraded suspension system. So you’ve got leaf springs, suspension system and 4 shocks all the way around. Nobody else in the industry really does the shocks as well. You’ve got a big 3-3/8inch Dexter drum brake as standard and then you can get disk on them if you’d like as well. Easy access to your spare tire. Double awnings are standard with the LED lights, so party away, do all your entertaining out here with the cover of your awning. You’ve also got frameless, dual-pane windows that are gonna be standard, so that’ll help you with noise control and some of your insulation as well. Outside tv cabinet, we had actually moved this, it used to, last year we moved it you the storage compartment in a pull-out rack but we actually like this better and most of our customers do too so we moved this back to it’s own compartment out here with this TV cabinet, that allowed us to change inside as well.

This is new and this is big, so don’t be fooled by some of the imitators this is a zero gravity, I lifting this with one finger and letting it go. Mor-Ryde zero gravity step, this thing is nice and solid, you can make adjustments, these feet do adjust and you can extend them out if you’re on an uneven terrain as well, so, this will fold right up inside your door-jamb compartment but there are others out there and Mor-Ryde makes one and so does Lipper, that you carry the entire weight the whole way up and the whole way down so don’t be fooled just because you see a step like this that they’re gonna be the zero gravity, so these things are really cool. One last thing up here, this is a welcome sign so out of this same metal material you can send a form in when you acquire a Landmark and there’s a box that will get engraved with whatever you would like it to be engraved with: ‘welcome to the Smiths’, ‘happy birthday’, ‘la la la’, whatever you want on it; We’ll engrave it, you plug it into the USB port, and it backlights it, it is a really cool feature and we’re the only ones that do that in the industry right now. So let’s climb aboard the Landmark Phoenix. Welcome to this beautiful, raised rear den, Phoenix living.

So you’ve got tons of counter space in the kitchen here, you’ve got a full farmer’s sink with a steel takedown, with a cutting board on the backside of one of the covers. So you’ve got all this counter space for prep work, you’ve got counter space here, you’ve got counter space over here, you’ve got additional counter space on the stove side. Nice big Furrion oven this is a self-lighting oven, so no more getting down on your hands and knees trying to find where to light the thing back there. nice full size 3 burner cooktop and then a Furrion(microwave), so this is all Furrion, they make incredible products. So, I want to bring you over here to a lot of the brains of the system; We do a multiplex lighting, you generally only find this on a higher-end motorhome like a Tiffin of something like that. So all of your controls are here, you can start your generator, all of your tank levels are here as well. This is your energy management system which I forgot to tell you there are three air conditioners standard, all 15000 BTU air conditioners so the energy management system will allow you to run all 3 of those A/Cs at the same time and adjust for power fluctuations on this multiplex lighting system there are dimmer switched built in on all of the lights, so I’m just gonna hold down on the kitchen lights if you want to shoot up here and you can do that with any lighting in the entire coach. So there are five or 6 panels inside, usually strategically placed by the theater seats or the sofas of the bathroom or in the bedroom as well all of your slides are on individual mechanisms and switches, and then this is your inverter that we talked about.

So, tons of storage in here, check out this pantry, ladies are gonna love that, and the men too; so tons of pantry storage, you do have lots of storage underneath the island as well. Nice big 23 cube(ic foot) residential refrigerator, so this electric only, it will run off the batteries because we have the 1 12volt batteries out there so you can feel comfortable loading it up before your trip, taking it out it’s still gonna run as long as you’re docked on your truck, it’s feeding the batteries, the inverter goes and feeds this. Again, all solid maple hardwood up here on your cabinets and your stiles, lots of storage up through here as well, and you’ve got more storage over here even. In your dinette area, this does seat 4, there’s storage up underneath here, this extends out, drop it in, you’ve got two fold-up chairs that are cushioned just like these are, and after they’re done eating you can send them on their way then, it’s up to you, there is storage under the seats of these dinette chairs as well. So come on up to the raised rear den; What a comfortable living space isn’t it? This is incredible.

You’ve got theater seats, opposing sofas here; these are all power, all the way around on these, so you’ve got massage and heat built in, these are your controls, or if you’re using your cupholder you’ve still got the controls here, so, massage heat and power all built in on these. These sofas do fold out into full queen sleepers, any of out floorplans that have these opposing sofas on the side here will fold out into sleeping areas for grandkids, friends, anybody staying over. This is our high-rise coffee table; so I use this frequently, it is portable, you can move it around, but it’s another eating area if you’ve got guests over or it can be a nice little workstation, put a wireless printer underneath, or if you just want to put pillows, blankets, whatever, and then this folds up. During transport you would put this over in the dinette, you’ve git tie-downs over there, stack the two chairs. Big 55-inch LED TV, you’ve got storage in behind this, so, keep some of your goodies hidden back here, soundbar included as well, and a 5100 BTU fireplace on this.

[Kelly] Looks like Joe’s got a question here, ‘what’s the dry weight on this unit itself?’ let me look that up real quick.

[Joe] Should be right around 15 thousand.

[Kelly] 15694

[Joe] 15694 on your dry weight. So your total GVWR on this is 18000, cause you’ve got 8000-pound axels underneath. Your pin weight, all the floorplans vary a little bit but they’ll usually be around 3000 pounds when you drop them into the bed of your truck. Again lots of storage up here in this area but this is just a great area, this is going to be a fantastic, spectacular floorplan, nice separation from the kitchen to the living area here with your cabinets and your storage. So, let’s head on back to the bedroom and bathroom area.

[Kelly] Nice thing too on that rear deck what’s the height from the floor to the –

[Joe] I don’t know exactly, I think it’s gonna be about 7’2″. So we use a straight-line roof –

[Kelly] Cause I know I’m quite a bit taller than most and I didn’t have any –

[Joe] Yeah.

[Kelly] Walking all the way to the front so –

[Joe] Yeah so that’s gotta be going about 6’4″ – 6’5″ then. And then out here in the main living you’ll be taller than that. Because we utilize a straight-line roof outside if you noticed when we were out there you don’t have a bump-up like a typical fifth wheel would it’s a straight-line roof, gives it more of a residential feel and look; therefore we can get a little bit taller slide and a little bit taller height inside once we get inside the coach as well. Nice residential feel, you’re living in luxury with this thing. So come on up. Nice big bathroom up here we talked about the multiplex lighting so you do have a panel here. Nice medicine cabinet for all of your toiletries; and then a stainless steel sink.

I’m gonna hop in the shower here, I’m a pretty big dude but I’ve got plenty of space up here, Kelly could get in here, not with me, but you could get in here. So you’ve got plenty of space in here, nice big shower. Foot flush on the toilet, and that is porcelain, not a plastic toilet. And now we’re gonna head to the bedroom. So this tilted bed is all new this year, it’s a Mor-Ryde system. Over here on the wall on your top switch, the two bottoms are for your overhead lights, and so that top switch will pull this bed away from the dressers and tilt the head at the same time, so we end up with a lot of nice space down here, nice reading position or watching your 40-inch LED TV in here in the bedroom as well.

You’ve got hard surface tops next to your beds so those are C-PAP approved, nice backlighting on the headboard as well. Check out these dressers, this is new on some of the floorplans, it just keeps going and going. 22 inch depth on these dressers, and these are all solid wood all the way around; So you’ve got a nice dresser system there and then this new swing, you can go on in there, that’s a true walk-in closet. You’ve got a safe built in, a dyson cordless vac is standard. You’ve also got a cedar-lined storage area for sweaters or things along the back end there as well. Your two folding chairs for your dinette.to your right back here, just over your right shoulder is your washer-dryer prep as well. One last thing, underneath this bed even thought it does have that (Motorized leaning system) look at you’ve got two drawers, you’ve got nice depth on those as well for additional storage up underneath the bed. USB ports, you’ve got a couple usb ports over here, for all your phone charging, you’ve got plenty of usb ports out in the main living area as well. I think that’s everyth – no, one thing I didn’t talk about really is the backlighting the backsplash back here has been a huge hit for us as well, you’ve got the facial lighting and again, if you don’t like it that bright, just use the multiplev lighting system, you can dim those things down. This is gonna be an incredible floorplan, get ahold of RVWholesalers today, Kelly, what’s that number?

[Kelly] It’s 877-877-4494, and tom just asked: ‘what the price was’ obviously that’s very important, what I’ll do is I’ll check as soon as we get inside with our sale going on today and get you the best price available on that. I appreciate Joe stopping in today and kinda going through the coach with us. Today is obviously a day where we’ll sell anywhere between 40 and 50 units so definitely give us a call, we’d love to earn your business and help you out.

And obviously even more important than that I mean the service that we offer after the sale and with our nationwide service network we’re gonna be able to make sure you’re taken care of. Obviously with the Landmark a lot of times, Joe hit on it a little bit, people want to go and do these full-time adventures and things like that.

It says something that they’re willing to back up their product and say that, hey, they understand that these things can take 365 days of wear and tear and they’re still gonna stand behind it, so yeah again, it’s something that’s a very nice coach, they think about all the storage spots and again the lighting and things like that. We appreciate you tuning in with us and if you come across any questions or things throughout the day on this particular unit just send them in and we’ll be sure to answer them for you, and we’ll get that price over to you Tom.

Appreciate you guys tuning in, appreciate you coming in and going through it with us, Joe. Again if you guy’s have any questions we appreciate you sending them and we’ll make sure we get those answered for you. Thanks a lot.

[Joe] Okay, thank you sir.

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