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[Jason] Hey guys, Jason Koepe from RV Wholesalers. We’ve got Dustin here with us to go through this beautiful unit behind us from Heartland. Duntin, thanks for joining us.

[Dustin] No problem.

[Jason] We’re going get through this. What model do we have, real quick?

[Dustin] This is our Torque 371, which is our double-axle.

[Jason] Good deal.

[Dustin] A little more price conscious unit.

[Jason] So we’re going to go through this top to bottom, inside and out, you know the deal if you’ve seen these before. Heart, thumbs-up, something; type, question, anything, just let us know you can hear us and see us. Again, for anybody who wonders why we do that every time: we are in a 3 bay barn, and it’s just a big metal tin can so internet comes and goes. We’ve been doing pretty good this morning, no cut-outs no issues but just let us know you can hear us and see us to make sure we aren’t doing this for nothing and so dustin doesn’t have to do it again.
Second thing is: today, inventory blowout sale. We have sales like this from time to time, we call it a Flash Sale or a 24 hour sale, whatever you want to call it; it’s a deal we can only run for a very short period of time. We always have a low price guarantee, we’ve said that before, but on days like today, the factory’s, we get incentives to do more than we normally can; so it’s a great time if you’re thinking about it, call us at 877-877-4494. There are a team of people pizza’d up and mountain dewed up and diet coke’d up and ready to take the call and help you until 10 PM tonight.
So make sure you do that and then, what else am i forgetting, oh, get your questions in. All of us know these units and they can help you, but when we have dustin here from the factory, when we have the people who are there, they know this unit inside and out; make sure you utilize that.
And if you’re watching this video after we’re done, go ahead and ask questions, we may not get to you as quick, because obviously the phones are ringing, but we will get to those questions, we will have somebody watching those videos. and if you’ve done that already and you haven’t gotten there, i just saw some, we’re coming, we’re going to answer those questions, or you can just call us and get those answered right away.
So i think without further ado i’m going to get to the unit, everybody wants to see the unit anyway, so tell them about the unit and tell them why heartland, why torque, why this unit; what is different from your competition.

[Dustin] Alright, so anyways guys. Torque is actually a part of heartland’s toy hauler division, we’ve been the number one toy hauler in the country for the last 8 years running with all of our brands combined. So we do a really swell job at that, we know toy haulers, we’re a toy hauler family, that’s one thing we love. So i’m going to go aver a few things on the torque this is our 371, it’s a double-axle unit, it’s got a 13 foot garage, which makes it very unique. you don’t see many double-axle units under 40 foot with a 13 foot garage.
Also, what this does is have an outdoor kitchen, which if you pan over here, is kinda neat to see. We are the only toy hauler manufacturer with a double axle unit out there right now that has a 2-top burner, physical waterworking, so you have a sink yo wash your hands and clean up after you’ve grilled. We’ve got, of course, a 32 inch TV, and a mini-fridge out here. So all the convenience of an outdoor kitchen. Thing is you guys, you don’t see these in toy haulers, especially toy hauler 5th wheels. We were one of the first guys to pioneer this stuff and we’re really proud of it.
Other big features, guys, when you’re talking about the torque is that this is a double-axle unit, so we run with dexter axles; they’re american made, they’re the best in the industry. Dexter axels are 2 7000 pound axles and F rated tires. With F rated tires you’re going to be able to carry the load, you’re not going to have to worry about ever having blowouts going down the highway.
Another big thing for the torque is that we’re going to be on a 12 inch I-beam frame which allows us to have 6-point level-up on it. so this unit’s going to be able to have a one-touch and within 5 to 10 minutes you’re going to be completely leveled up, ready to go camping at your campground site.
As you look and as you walk around through the unit you’re going to see we do aluminum steps which are a very nice feature, they look nice, they don’t rust; A little bit of a higher-end step. Also, as you’re looking in the back of this coach you’re going to see all our doors. These aren’t the small doors that you see on a lot of toy haulers. A lot of guy will put a big door on the front and then what they’ll do is put a smaller door on the back to save a little bit of money. We’re not doing that. We’re using the same exact door that’s on the front of the unit, on the back; And with you also get a full window that you can see through with a shade on the inside that you can close down so nobody can look in it.
Also, featured right here is a large grab handle, that’s just going to make it easier for you to get up inside your coach. So those are some of the really nice features we’re doing just on the entryway.
As you look at this torque you’re going to see large garage windows, large windows in the front; as we get around to the offdoor side you’re going to see really large windows up there. What that’s going to do, it’s going to allow you to have a lot more light coming in the coach. It’s going to make it feel bigger and again, you guys are there to camp, right? So you guys want to enjoy the weather; so that’s what we try and do, we try to bring the camping inside even when you’re outside.
So as we walk around, of course outdoor speakers, connected to the stereo so you can actually listen to your music, you can bluetooth you can listen to anything that’s going on outside. It also acts as your dvd player and CD player inside the coach.
As you walk through here, just a little more storage area. It’s just a really nice feature. Again, you’re here with your outdoor kitchen, maybe you want to put more stuff in here, whatever works is great. With the torque you’re going to have magnetic latches. The magnetic latches are a nice feature. Usually what you see is a lot of guys put the metal pull tabs on here and they just click over, which, usually over time, they’re either metal or plastic, they tend to break or they end up pulling out of the wall; The magnegic latches just pop on, you’re good to go. You’ll also have cast aluminum latches on the outside instead of plastic latches. What these are going to do: they’ll be more durable over the lifetime of your coach. A lot of these toy haulers out there, they’re trying to save money, they’re doing a plastic latch, which again, it’s going to wear, it’s going to get faded in the weather, next thing you know, guess what; you’re replacing latches. again these are one inch slam baggage doors; these are thick, they’re heavy-duty; you’re going to have a great R-value; it’s going to keep the cold out, and it’s going to keep the cool in the coach.
If you look here again, i was talking to you earlier about the doors; front door is the same size as the back, so a large door, big window. Same here, big grab handle, easy to get in the coach, and again 3 aluminum steps to get up into the inside of the coach, so it makes it nice and convenient.
If you look a little bit up overhead, what you see is a large awning. The awning actually starts from the front door, all the way to the back almost, over the outdoor kitchen so if the weather comes you’re not going to get wet, you’re still going to be able to cook. You’ve got a large LED light across the top of this; what this is going to do: it’s going to allow you to see at night. Not only that but you can turn it, so you can adjust where your light’s going to face, in comparison to all those other guys who are going to run that LED straight across the top. These are what we call the care-free awning. The care-free awnings are just a little bit higher end. We pay a little more money for them, but again, we’re the #1 toy hauler manufacturer in the country so we’re going to give you a little bit better product and quality pieces on this unit. These actually have the automatic rain dump so when it gets loaded up with rain it’s going to dump off, and they’re a little more heavier. You’re spending a little more money but you’re getting a little bit better awning.
Over towards the front here; again you’re going to see this is the Atwood water heater. This is all aluminum. It’s the fastest recovering water heater in the industry: it does 16.8 gallons per hour, so this is going to be enough for anybody to take a shower, even a couple people at one time and you’re not going to have to worry about it> It’s also aluminum so it’s maintenance-free; There’s no anode, it’s not a steel tank. You’re not going to have to worry about doing the maintenance like you would on a standard water heater that’s out in the industry, so a little bit higher-end, a little bit nicer. And again, you’re here to camp, you’re supposed to enjoy it, not maintain your RV.
Other things we do, and this is the toy haulers with only a heartland. All of out bottoms, all of out skirt-metal is attached to the frame and it’s completely enclosed from here to here; so you’re not going to look at your skirt-metal on the side and you’re not going to have free open air under there. Right here you’re going to have this; It’s solid, no vibration, it’s less places for rodents, bugs, dirt, anything to get up inside into your coach. This is going to keep it a little more protected than what you see out there normally.
This is our 0ne-touch level-up system. This is by Lippert. And what it’s going to do, what it usually does is it lights up, [indecipherable] out. Basically the functions on how to operate your 6-point level; basically you’re just going to touch it, turn it on, it’s going to fire up, and you’ll to, basically a one touch system that levels up the whole thing. Again, one inch slam baggage door, aluminum latch so you’re not going to worry about fading cracking or busting in the heat over time; just a little bit higher end stuff on this coach.
We go through; you’re going to have 2 30 gallon(sic.) propane bottles, one on this side and of course one on the other side. What we do is we put one individual on each side, what that does is it makes it very easy for you to unlatch these, pull your tank out and switch it out and not have to worry about fighting, bending over and trying to get it out which you’ll see in a lot of other toy haulers in the industry.
If we walk around the front here, we are solar prepped on our units, so what this is going to allow you to do is basically plug in a zamp box or anything that’s solar and you can actually trickle-charge your batteries. So if you’re out dry-camping or anything like that it’s just going to make it convenient for you you don’t have to constantly run the generator or worry about your batteries going dead. It’s a nice little feature that we put standard on all of our torques.
Now as we walk to the front of this coach, it’s a beautiful paint job, great graphics. What you’re seeing here is a base coat clear painted front cap. It’s automotive grade, just like your car; just like what you have at home. what this is going to do: it’s going to deflect the bugs, going to deflect the sunlight it’s actually going to make this cap so it’s going to last a long time, you’re not going to have to worry about it fading. You’re not going to have to worry about the bugs and stuff sticking to it. So it’s [unintelligible], it’s an automotive grade paint.
One of the other features that’s really nice about our heartland toy haulers is that we’ve got the 88 degree tight turning radius; what this does is it allows you to turn 88 degrees in a short-bed truck without a slider hitch. And of course, a lot of people, they din’t like to have a slider hitch; less moving parts, less problems. What this does is it can save you some money, you don’t have to worry about having the large slider hitch in the back of your truck.
Now this particular torque, torques come standard rep on all of their generators, it’s prepped standard if you want it. If not you can order a generator, this is the 5.5 onan. What this is is 5500 watts of electricity, this’ll run 2 A/Cs, this’ll power anything in this coach that you’d ever need to power. That is an option, but all of our units do come prepped standard for that.
As we walk around the coach, small thing we do, it’s a heartland special, we actually put little tabs on the side of this here. What this is going to do, this is going to pull out your slide seals; when you slide your slideout out you’re not going to have to worry about your seals sticking in; what it’s going to do is pull them out every single time, that way a seal doesn’t get caught and you don’t have a chance of getting rain or water on the inside of your coach, it’s a nice little feature, it’s a heartland exclusive we do, and what it does, again: convenience. We’re here to camp, we’re here to enjoy ourselves so that’s what we do, we make it easy for you.
As we walk around, of course, we have another slam baggage door on this side, but you’ve got your exterior shower here, hot and cold very simple easy and convenient to use. Black tank flush. and of course this is your city fill, your black tank flush, your winterizing, everything’s here in one spot; very convenient, very easy to use. You’ve got a cable hook-up, and of course, your satellite hook-up and satellite prep hook-up, so if you ever decide you’re going to put a satellite on the roof you’re going to be able to do it no problem; the wire’s already up there for you to do it. The furnace is a 35,000 btu furnace so it’s going to keep you plenty warm in this double-axle unit here.
If you look here, of course, you’re gonna have small things that we do and a lot of people don’t notice this, but the quality of our toy-haulers are unmatched by anyone else, if you look right here we actually put a foam corner block in here and what this is going to do is, again, create more seals, more spots where you don’t have to worry about air getting through, light, water, any kind of bug or rodent, we’re keeping your 50-60, however many thousand dollar investment from having any issue with rodents or bugs or anything like that.
We’ll walk around the back a little more; and we’ll get into now, your 30 gallon fuel cell. 30 gallon fuel cell, what this is going to do is: it runs your generator, and, of course, at also has your fuel pump and everything like that inside.
Now as you look back here a little ways, you also have a black tank flush, and of course, for your fuel dispensing, gonna have a gauge, your on and off switch and a timer.
As we move around towards the back you’ll notice it’s all LED lights; LED side marker lights, LED tail lights. This unit in particular, when you get into these toy haulers in this price range you’re going to have a patio kit, but you’re going to have an awning. A lot of guys out there building toy haulers in this price range they don’t put an awning on the back when you order a deck; This is a nice feature that we do that’s standard with all of our patio kits. and you’ve also got the nice scare lights on the back so it’s just going to be a little more safer, a little more light when you need to back up or you need to have some family functions going on in the back.
You’ll also point up at the top and you’ll notice that there’s a backup camera prep on these also, which is a standard feature on all your torques.
You guys ready to go inside?
Alright guys so the inside. This is a really unique floorplan, and again, i gotta tell people a lot of times and they’ve got to remember this is only a 40 foot unit, it’s got a 13 foot garage. One of the most amazing features about this unit that you don’t see anywhere in these toy hauler guys is we actually have a table with a booth; this is a solid surface counter-top, this is high-end. You don’t even see a lot of solid surface counters in a lot of people’s homes and you’re seeing this in a toy hauler. This is going to make this feel extremely residential. Lots of seating here, hige table for your family to sit and if you guys want you have a spot where you can potentially put a few chairs or a bench across the back of it.
Lets walk here, over to the kitchen counter, you’ll see lots of counter-top space, wrap-around. Beautiful furnace. Two stairs right here so you’ve got a level here and another level right here just to put whatever you want, coffee maker, toaster. We’re providing you with lots and lots of countertop space and that’s the key to this coach that makes it such a great unit is all the countertop space and of course you’ll see all the cabinetry; From one side wrapped all the way around to the other. And again you look at all of my doors; these are solid wood cabinets guys. these aren’t the flat paneled cabinets you’re seeing in a lot of RVs. the flat panel cabinets are a little bit cheaper, a little less quality; These are solid wood, they’ve got a unique feel, a unique look; you slam them – you’re not going to have to worry about them breaking.
Another nice feature, as you look, it’s a full residential microwave. When you start getting into toy haulers in this price range what you see is they’re shortening, they’re cutting things out, guys we’re giving you the same large microwave you’d see at home. We’re giving you a good 3 top burner oven. We’re not scaring away on anything.
If we go over here, we’re looking at more pantry, more cabinetry. By far this is probably one of the most amounts of cabinetry you see in any double-axle in the industry; and it’s just because we know what people need, we know what they want, so we’re physically trying to give you every little bit and every little inch of cabinetry you can get. 8 cube refrigerator; now, you can order these with a 12 cube if you decide you need a bigger refrigerator, but you know, majority of our buyers, they like the 8 cube, it’s enough for them.

[Jason] How many does this sleep?

[Dustin] This will actually sleep about 7 people, and in all honesty, if you want, somebody could even put an air mattress in the garage and even sleep more, depends on how you want to configure everyone laying on the inside.
Here, we’ve got these small [unintelligible] tables, what these do is they just pop in and out, nice little spot to put a coffee, coke, have a little snack. Very simple and easy. LED lit cup holder, and of course on the back you’re going to have a USB charger, just something nice; a neat little feature, nowadays everybody’s connected so we like to keep you connected.
Other really cool and unique features is our couches, they all flip down, this flips down to theater seating si if you guys don’t want to be too close to your significant other you can give yourself a little bit of space. Same with this one, flips down also and of course USB charging ports. Now once you flip these all back up, every one of these recliners, they actually pop out; this reclines, that reclines, all 4 recline. So very comfortable seating and honestly one of the great things about this coach is if you’re sitting in a recliner you can look straight forward and it’s a straight view on the TV. One thing about toy haulers is most people are turning their heads too look at the TV, they’re usually toward the front of the coach; with this one, you won’t have a stiff neck by the end of the night from watching TV, very comfortable, really nice seating.
The torque standard with a 15K A/C; It does have the option of a second 15K A/C in it if you do need more than one air, of course it’s going to have plenty to cool you off. This duct actually runs in a H system so it’s going to cool all of the living room, the bedroom, and of course the garage is going to be cooled also.
So let’s make our way up here towards the bathroom. walk inside the bathroom here, it’s going to have a nice toilet; white porcelain stool. Cabinets, sink, nice deep sink here so you’re going to be able to wash, brush your teeth, do anything you would at home. Lots of cabinetry of course; We really do base ourselves on having lots of storage. You’re going to have a 60 inch tub in this thing; If you have small children you’re going to be able to give them a bath; not only that if you’re here to take a shower, the great thing about a large tub is you’re going to have blenty of room to move around here, it’s not a little, small neo-angled shower with a gass door that you’re not going to be able to move around with. So we’re giving you all the features of a standard bathroom, just a little bit smaller.
Now if we move up to the front here, of course, it’s going to have a king sized bed, standard on all of our torque 371s, all of our torque floorplans in general. If you want to have a larger bed that’s great. We’re one of the few toy haulers in the industry that offers a king bed in which this is considered a north-south bedroom. Again, lots of lighting; you can see plugs on that side of the wall, 3 drawer dresser and a lot of accent lighting across the top so you know if it gets later at night and you need a little bit of light you’re going to be able to turn those lights on and still have a little bit of light to see if you want to get up to go to the bathroom. Nice sized wardrobe in the bedroom, a pull out drawer on the bottom, which is a nice feature, we can never have enough storage in any toy hauler or any RV in general. This is just a nice plave right here to put hair driers, make-up, it has 2 drawers in it that you can pull out, also a windor to look out if you decide to see what’s going on on your outdoor side.
Now, if you want, we’ll make our way down to the garage, which, hey it’s a toy-hauler, it’s the most important part, right? So as we work our way down here we’re getting into the garage and one thing about toy haulers is they’re not just a garage, this is a multipurpose room. This room can be a bunkhouse, this can be a place for somebody that sows, I’ve had a guy put a blow-up hot tub in it, so there’s many things that this can be used as. So what this is is our 13 foot garage model; you’ve got 2 beds, you’ve got a queen bed here and a queen bed here, this actually comes down and we can demonstrate this. And what this will do as it comes down it’s going to fold into your picnic table, your bench area, another place for dining. You could be back here with a table set up and you and the family can be playing cards.

[Jason] You said this was a 40 foot unit?

[Dustin] This is a 40 foot unit, yep. It’s 39ft 7in.
So again, once your benches are down, of course you’ve got another place to sit, eat, a table goes in here of course you can play cards. What’s very unique about our floorplans also is this does have a loft in it. What we do is we put a loft up top. We are the only toy hauler manufacturer that puts in a loft. Lots of people like to use the loft for storage, some people like to use it for another set of living this gives you a true separated bedroom. Lots of times you’ll see that the loft is in the living room. You know, you want to go to bed, the kids want to go to bed, you want to watch TV, you’re not able to do that because the loft’s in there. What that also does: it allows us to have that whole other bank of storage in the kitchen; it’s because we put this loft in the back. One of the neat features we do, even for getting in the loft is this built-in ladder. You’re not lugging around a metal ladder that you have to hang on the wall. What you’re going to do is you pull it out, really easily you can climb up here and you’re ready to go. If you guys can physically see up here there’s going to be a window on that side so that the person that’s in the loft can actually look out, see what’s going on with the weather; It opens so they’re able to get some fresh air up here.
One of the other great designs about this floorplan is the fact that it’s got a half-bath. A half bath utilizes this room as another room, as a bunkhouse, as an area that your friends can come through the garage and go into the bathroom here instead of tracking up into your personal bathroom. Just multifunction. One other nice feature in the fact we’ve got washer and dryer prep. You look at a lot of these toy haulers in this price range you’re not going to see washer/dryer prep. What you’re not going to see also is another heat duct. What this heat duct is designed here for is to keep this heated, this area is a bunkhouse, it’s a sewing room, it’s multifunction, it’s not just a you hauler.
One of the last features that people don’t know is that we get a lot of people who are buying the side-by-sides. We are specifically designed to fit any side-by-side except for one out in the industry. This is 72 inches from here to here, so you really should have no problem fitting any other side-by-side in here, and again we are 13 foot from the front to the back on this unit.
Other than that… That’s our torque!

[Jason] So how big is the TV in here?

[Dustin] The TV is a 55 inch.

[Jason] That’s a big unit. So today, obviously, inventory blowout sale. We don’t have any other question, we’ve got some hearts and some thumbs up, thank you guys for tuning in. Real quick before we go. This unit is 54,777 Dollars. So get your 877-877-4494, call us, get online. If you’re interested, today is the day, you’re going to save several, I don’t even know if it’s thousand but a lot of more money today because of the deals we’re getting, so I don’t see any other questions, so we’ll be back in about a half of an hour with another one. Thanks Guys.

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